10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For A Happier Existence

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For A Happier Existence

Hi loves! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes me, or anyone happy, for that matter. I feel like I always struggled with this question and always struggled with just being “happy.” Growing up, I often felt angry, frustrated, anxious and sad. I still feel these feelings, but I wouldn’t say they take up my overall existence. A lot of it depends on the situation I’m in at the moment. Whether it’s a struggle with my job, a move, planning a trip, dealing with a death, fighting with a friend or loved one, or just plain feeling stressed out, I have learned that there are some solid ways to cope, raise your vibration and change how you feel.

Everything, including your thoughts and feelings have a measurable vibration. Good feelings are at a higher vibrational energy level than bad ones. When you raise your vibrations, you feel more happiness and notice that more good things seem to come your way. Life often feels like a chain reaction, whether it’s good or bad. You may notice that one bad thing happens in the morning to lower your mood, then you inevitably find more and more things to bring you down. Then you wallow in your misfortunes, because sometimes that’s just easier to do. And that’s ok to do for a short time, but once you’ve taken that time to feel sad or down, here’s how to bring yourself back up. These are ways to truly increase your vibrational energy level or happiness or whatever you want to call it.

1. Meditate

You may hate hearing that as much as I do, but it really does help. I am currently horrible at doing this on the regular. I try to remember to do it in the morning every day, but let’s be honest I usually end up doing it mid morning and only about 3 times a week. That’s ok though, at least it’s something. Meditating helps you to see your thoughts and feelings for what they are. Just passing thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings are not your true essence. They are fleeting parts of your conscious being that come and go. I’m not saying to ignore these things, but to more try to just notice them and acknowledge that they are there, and remember they are not all that you are.

2. Listen To A Fun Song

What I mean by a fun song is that one song that just makes you feel so good that you can’t even explain it. Music is a transcendent way for all beings to connect on a deeper level. I can’t even find a word to explain it, but I know you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling you get when you listen your favorite song or a new one you just discovered that you put on repeat. All day long. You could almost tear up with happy tears when you’re really listening, really feeling it. Bonus points for getting up and dancing to it. This song makes you so happy, it can only raise your vibrational level. Don’t you notice how after listening to it, you feel even more inspired?

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For A Happier Existence

3. Move Your Body

This goes back to my last suggestion to dance. When you move your body, get your heart rate going, stretch, you are raising your energy levels. Exercising releases chemicals that make you feel good. When something shitty happens to me or I’m feeling depressed, even to the point where I don’t want to get out of bed, I FORCE myself to move. It’s literally the last thing I want to do and it may take me all day to finally do it, but I make myself. Once I get on my bike or start going for that run, after just five, ten minutes, I notice that I somehow feel a bit lighter. I feel more in control of my life. I feel like there is hope for happiness again. As much as I don’t want to exercise some days, I remember that feeling and the fact that it’s SCIENTIFICALLY proven that exercise makes you feel better, then I do it.

4. Smile

Seriously, if you’re upset right now while reading this, smile. Just smile. At your phone screen or your computer screen. I don’t care how silly you think you look. You feel a bit better already, don’t you? Maybe you even laughed at yourself. Good. I took a class at my yoga studio on the power of laughter. It’s very healing to laugh so go make yourself, even if it’s fake, it’ll turn into a real laugh. And it’ll make you feel better.

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For A Happier Existence

5. Be Kind & Do Nice Things

Have you noticed that feeling of happiness YOU get when you do something nice for someone else? It’s almost selfish really. Humans get such joy being the source of joy for someone else. And why shouldn’t we? Raising someone else’s vibrations can raise your own. Next time you’re in line at the coffee shop, say hi to the person next to you. Greet and thank the cashier and really mean it. You know that person that really bugs and upsets you at work? Next time you’re talking to them, smile and compliment them. You’re getting up to get a glass of water? Bring one for the stranger sitting next to you. Have a friend that’s not having a good week or is dealing with some problems? Send her a nice text and tell her why you love her. It’s REALLY easy to do these things. Any one act will not only makes someone else’s day, but yours too.

6. Accept People For Who They Are & Have No Expectations

This is a hard one for me. I have family members that I don’t always get along with and sometimes my friends can really let me down. I think we all deal with this a lot. You have to first decide if you want this person in your life, and see if they bring more positive qualities than bad. If the answer is yes, then you it’s time to be accepting of them. They have flaws just like you do. It’s ok. We all live in our own worlds. 95% of the time, people are thinking about themselves. So when you feel like someone has let you down, remember it’s never about you. They probably didn’t even think about you as they were hurting you. Nothing is personal. Just know that people aren’t going to change and you have to accept your relationship for what it is. No expectations. The second you expect someone to do something for you or be there for you is the second you are let down. At the end of the day, you have only yourself. Don’t put your happiness in anyone else’s hands.

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For A Happier Existence

7. Make A Smoothie (Bowl)

I am super guilty of not following this one enough. I know you feel the direct correlation between what you eat and how you feel. Tomorrow morning start by waking up and having a smoothie or a smoothie bowl instead of cereal. It doesn’t stop at the smoothie though, overall try to eat well. Try to finish the whole day only eating whole, plant-based foods and tell me how you feel. When I do this, I immediately just feel so good about myself for making healthy choices, but then I actually physically have more energy and a clearer mind. Imagine how incredible we’d feel doing this every single day.

8. Immerse Yourself In Nature

Remember the wholeness of the universe. You are not alone in this life even when you feel you are “alone.” Everything is interconnected. When you raise your vibrational level, you are helping to raise the collective vibrational level of everything and everyone around you. In order to really feel this wholeness, I suggest stepping out into nature. This is why I am so drawn to the ocean. I love going and listening to the waves. It makes my problems feel so small and remember that the world will always keep on turning. I am part of this rhythm and cycle of life. I am never just an individual completely unaffected by or unnafecting of the world.

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For A Happier Existence

9. Throw Stuff Out

It’s time for some spring cleaning, any time of year. I know you have a junk drawer filled with stuff that you couldn’t even fathom is in there. I know you have that pile of shoes in your closet and that tangle of necklaces on your desk. Clean up, organize and THROW away or donate things that no longer serve you. I could go through my room every week and find something new to get rid of. If that’s what it takes though, do it. I’m a semi-hoarder. I associate meaning to my things, which makes them harder to get rid of even if they no longer bring me joy or any use. Getting rid of these things though clears out space for new things and clears out space for you to breathe. Clean out your room, make it look nice and organized and tell me you don’t feel lighter.

10. Have A Goal & Work Toward It

You know those days when you feel absolutely drained and life can feel kind of pointless? I can promise you that it feels a lot less pointless when you do something good for yourself. If I’m feeling sad or unaccomplished, I make a list of things I can do to work toward my goal. Even if it’s something small. Honestly, every time I write a blog post, I feel accomplished. Some other goals could include running 50 miles a week, reading a book, getting a new job or learning a new skill. Even if I’m upset, I always feel so proud and so good of myself when completing something that gets me closer to my goal.

How do you raise your vibrational energy and happiness?

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  • Mikki Donaldson
    January 11, 2018

    You make some valid points my dear. I have meditation cds I’m going to try. I have a lot to do this year and hopefully, meditation will help me achieve my goals.

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