6 Ways To Get Over Your Rut

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get into a funk that I feel like I’ll never get out of. When things aren’t going your way or you feel sad, it can feel like it will never end and things won’t get better again. But in reality we all know that’s not true. Life has its ebbs and flows and we need to learn to accept and move with them. Easier said than done.

Sometimes I even feel like drama and negativity are following me, but I know that they breed each other and what you are putting your focus on is what you will get. So try to turn your mind to positive thoughts and spin the negative people and things that happen into something good. I put together my favorite ways to gain some perspective and shift your mindset when you’re not feeling your best. Try out one or a few of my ideas and let me know how it goes!


1. Get Artsy

Make art. I don’t care what it is. Recently, I was feeling really down and like I needed a release. I had bought a new bed frame, getting rid of large wood slabs. I kept one of them and decided to turn it into an art project. On a Sunday afternoon, I headed down to Target and bought a few acrylic paint colors that seemed to “speak” to me. I went outside and went to work just painting on this huge wooden board. It felt so good to just express myself and literally paint how I was feeling. It is… let’s just say… interesting to see how it turns out. I was feeling tight and anxious and my painting ended up looking very free and loose and the exact opposite of how I was feeling. So even if its not painting, color in a coloring book or play an instrument or make jewelry or cook or bake. I also highly recommend making a mood board. I will go through magazines and online and put on paper things that I gravitate towards, whether it’s an image of an outfit or a girl sitting on the beach. Look on Pinterest for some other awesome craft ideas too.



2. Exercise Or Just Move

I’m not a huge fitness buff, not gonna lie. Well, at least not this month. However, I have noticed that endorphins are a real thing, who know all of the doctors were right, and I have become semi-addicting to running. Weird, right? That should be the last thing someone who doesn’t like to work out does, but I find a calmness in it and in finding my rhythm and just being. I feel liberated by pushing my body to go farther than my mind thought I could. Those are a couple of powerful feelings that are activated by running and other work outs as well. Group fitness classes are really uplifting too because you are around other people who motivate you to push harder. A personal favorite is yoga, which calms and opens the mind as well. I also LOVE spinning classes, ahem SoulCycle, it’s just ridiculously pricey and I save it for when I really need a boost. Try different exercises and see what resonates and what makes you just feel better afterward.



3. Write It Out

Just get your thoughts out on paper. I don’t care if it’s “good” writing or even has conscious thought behind it. There is a beauty and a release to writing whatever is on your mind. I like to do this in the mornings especially, to free my mind from any anxieties about the upcoming day. I learned this from the book The Artist’s Way, which says this practice opens up your creativity and gives you a clearer view and understanding of your true creative self. I’m still hoping to find my “true self,” whatever that really means, but this is a great start and one of the only things that calms my mind a bit when I’m feeling anxious or my mind can’t stop circling a topic. I also like to write positive affirmations and things I’m grateful for in the midst of my rambling words. Recently, I also started writing “letters” to the people that upset me most, just to get my anger and frustration out. I never end up sending the letter because just writing it makes me feel about 100% better about the situation.



4. Have Fun

Do something you find fun. Do you like to read comic books or go to the movies or just sit by the ocean and listen to the waves? Think of the last time you really enjoyed your own company and do what made you happy. Maybe go to a museum exhibit you find interesting or a planetarium or a walk in the woods or take a dance or cooking class. Grab a Time Out New York or local newspaper and see what is going on this weekend. I know on my list is the Museum of Ice Cream. This is one place that you couldn’t possibly go to and NOT have fun. Whatever it is that brings you joy, do it.



5. Hang Out With Some Good Peeps

Surround yourself with positive people, with people in your life that lift you up and make you happy. Sometimes when I’m alone and feeling down, I will visit with a friend and instantly my mood perks up. Friends, especially best friends, can help you gain perspective on what’s important in your life and what you maybe shouldn’t be so concerned with or are thinking too much into. And with that being said get rid of anyone in your life that isn’t adding to it. That guy that only calls you late nights or the girl that only makes you feel down about yourself. Get rid of them. Once you do, you leave more space open for love and positive relationships.



6. Go Outside

Immerse yourself in nature. Since I live in NYC, it can be hard to do, but a weekend out of the city or by the beach in Coney Island or lost down a unknown path in Central Park are all ways to get around it. There’s something about being connected to nature that just grounds you. It’s calming and feels good to get back to your roots and your true self. After all, you are part of nature.



Just remember that nothing lasts. Whatever you’re feeling now will too pass and hopefully some of these tips will help you get through it quicker. What do you do when you need to turn your mood around? Let me know if you have any other good ideas or if any of these work for you!


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  • Pretty Weird Bombshell
    August 15, 2016

    These are sure ways into getting positive vibes or moods. I’m into having an excercise and hanging out with good people. I guess, its my way of releasing happy hormones. I also include eating some comfort foods though. Awesome post gf! xx


    • pinkneonlips
      August 15, 2016

      Thanks love! AH yes, comfort foods are the best too. Mac n cheese mmmm 🙂 xo

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