Why You Should Never Dye Blonde Hair Blue

Colorful fashion hair has been “in” for a while now so chances are you’ve already tried it out. This trend has been back around again for the past couple of years and still seems to be holding strong. The brightly colored hair dyes are now in every-day pharmacies and are very easily accessible. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. I feel the need to let you know the truth behind those semi-permanent fashion hair colors and give you an honest blue hair dye review.

I’m always one to try out fun, new trends. I’ll wear blue lipstick or pink eyeliner just for fun. When it comes to hair, I’m a little more careful though, since not everything can just be washed away. Enter my experimentation with semi-permanent hair dyes. When you hear semi-permanent and read that they wash out in 8-10 washes, it sounds like a pretty good deal. You get to feel like someone else for a couple of weeks before returning back to your “normal” self and normal color. I know I sure love the sound of this.

So my first try with semi-permanent hair coloring came when I used the L’Oreal Colorista in pink. You’ve seen my pictures. You know my hair is a dark blonde with light blonde balayage highlights. The highlights are where the hair color will stick to. If your hair is dark, good luck getting it to show up at all. And if it does, it will be dark and NOT look like the pictures on the box. Google image search these results and reviews. Since I have some lighter pieces in my hair though, I knew I could use the dye and have it show up. Once I tried the pink, it looked pretty cool, but it was still definitely darker than the image on the box. I also tried purple another time. In both of these instances, the color faded. Fast. In about a week or 4 washes. That was great because I sure don’t want to walk around looking like a highlighter ALL of the time. Plus, as it’s fading, it can turn weird colors.

Then, I thought I was done with the crazy hair color experimentation. Until I was at the drugstore with my niece. She loves dyeing her hair different colors and had decided upon a blue color. It looked really pretty and honestly, I have always wanted to try a cool, light denim blue type shade. I figured it would bring out my blue eyes. Upon much deliberation, I finally decided on L’Oreal Colorista in Blue. I went home, still afraid to try it. I decided to just put it on my entire head. Once I washed it out, it looked dark. A lot darker than the pictures, but it was still kind of cool looking. All of these pictures are from that first couple of days after it was dyed and it looked pretty great (this is before it turned a blue/green). It was also a lot more purple than the box showed, but I was ok with it. I could deal with this for a few days, I just needed heavier makeup than usual. I definitely had a punk vibe going on, which isn’t really “me,” but it was fun to play the part none the less. Fast forward to a week and 4 washes later and my hair turned more of a blue/green. It had definitely faded, but it was still bold enough that you weren’t going to miss it.

blue hair dye review

This is when I started to get nervous. Why did the pink come out by now and this blue was still so prominent? I decided to take things into my own hands, especially because Halloween was coming up and I was Sandy from Grease, who had BLONDE hair (not blue). I bought cheap dandruff shampoo, mixed it with dishwasher detergent, crushed Vitamin C and baking soda, basically everything Google tells you to do. Nothing worked. It barely faded and I was left with blueish-green hair. My next move was to get my hair highlighted. I wanted to do this in the future anyways, but hey I figured I would do it even sooner. So once I got my hair highlighted, my hairdresser and I both hoped the blue would once and for all be gone, but NOPE. Even with bleach on my hair, the blue stuck. My hairdresser was as shocked as I was.

blue hair dye review

blue hair dye review

Now, I have had bleach bath put on my hair by yet another stylist and yet here I still am left with icy blue pieces that probably will never come out until I decide to cut them. I honestly hate it and there’s nothing I can do. It doesn’t feel great not feeling your best and for a girl, her hair is a big part of that. Because of my terrible experience with L’Oreal Colorista semi-permanent hair dye, I want to put a fair warning out there, that blue dyes act completely differently than pinks. It latches onto your bleached hair and does NOT let go. If you are beautiful blonde out there thinking about trying a “semi-permanent” blue hair color, here’s your warning not to do it. Go to the salon if anything and have it professionally done. It will be worth it.

Have you tried experimenting with colorful hair dyes like this? What have been your results? I would love to know!


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