Spring Nail Inspiration

It is time for a refresh with this spring nail inspiration.

Around this time each year I start to feel a little bummed and down with the short days and cold weather in New York. Since it’s not nearly warm enough yet to start wearing new, spring clothes, I like to do what I can and refresh my look with my nails.

I’ve been painting them bright blue, like my favorite Butler Please by Essie or a white for a boost of brightness. But I also love doing nail art, myself and at the salon. When I do them myself though, I like to stick with the more simple designs and lucky for me there a lot of ways to wear the spring nail trends in a simple way. Here are the trends I’ve noticed popping up and found from runway shows.

Minimalist Stripes

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Twist on Metallics

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Artistic & Alternative

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Spring Nail Inspiration

 The most common themes seem to be metallics, which are worn in new ways like just on the tip of the nail or in a painterly way. The painterly look is pretty easy to DIY at home with a good metallic polish like this silver purple that I swear by. It looks like liquid metal. I love the foil look that is big at salons right now too.

I’ve also noticed a LOT of small, minimalist stripes with negative space. These look easy enough to replicate with a really fine nail brush.

Then there are the cool, artistic and alternative nails. Like just having two or three nails painted and leaving the others without polish. I’m so happy that’s a trend now because I have definitely accidentally done this in the past via picking off just certain nails. The plain nail with simple glitter  or with stars looks cool, minimalistic and easy to replicate as well.

Are you going to be trying any of these nail trends or use them for your spring nail inspiration?


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  • otcolorfulside
    February 15, 2016

    I am loving these nail trends! One of my favs is definitely the minimalist stripes. Your blog is gorgeous Kristen!
    Cant wait to follow along on your blog!

    Daisi Ari

    • pinkneonlips
      February 15, 2016

      Awe thank you love!!! Same with yours xo

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