3 Outfits for Fall in California with SeaVees

I love running around California, going on adventures to the beach and the mountains and everywhere in between. Ever since moving here, I’ve been in love with it and the fact that there’s both the fresh air nature and the buzz of the city. I want to show you 3 outfits I put together for my adventures for fall in California, which can sometimes still feel like summer, with my new SeaVees sneakers!

Outfit 1

Jumpsuits are one of my favorite pieces to throw on since it’s so easy and chic. My plaid SeaVees are so cute and the perfect print to instantly transition any outfit into a fall look.

Outfit 2

Since it still kind of feels like summer, I’m taking advantage of being able to wear a fun, white romper. Plus, you can always throw a sweater on if it gets cold. These sneakers look so cute and really pop with an all white outfit.

Outfit 3

Finally, I love the casual look of denim shorts and a nice, silky shirt. My shoes make this look playful and cute for fall.

Let me know your favorite look!

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